Interior Renovations, Store Front Awning and Sidewalk Seating Design, Uprising Breads Bakery, Commercial Drive at Venables, Vancouver, B.C

This neighbourhood institution needed more customer seating, better office space, and a comfortable staff area. Also designed were simple sidewalk seating & planter units plus a new storefront awning with improved visual interest. A party wall was removed and new counters, coffee bar and seating created all using the bakery’s existing bright colour scheme and general store character. The awning (designed with Ancient Mariner Awnings, Vancouver) used current fabric computer cutting technology to create a colour graded, wavy striped interpretation of classic awning design. With more seating and a stronger presence as seen from Commercial Drive, business increased significantly. The project included negotiations with The City regarding zoning, parking, and building code issues as the old building and business did not meet current standards.