Ruddy Potato Commercial Building, Cates Square, Bowen Island, B.C.

Designed for an organic food store prime tenant plus other smaller retail uses, this visually prominent building was the last of five buildings constructed at Cates Square. It has presence without being overbearing, using traditional wood cladding and wood windows. Its design reflects the simple rural forms (barns, boat houses, etc.) common to British Columbia while using exterior elements (ridge skylight, patterned coloured roof shingles, etc.) to add interest with more contemporary design features. The main floor food shopping space is a high ceilinged volume with exposed timber structure and wood columns that provide spatial organization within which the food displays are arranged. The ridge skylight adds daylight and lessens the lighting energy needs. Ridge pergola vents have forced exhaust ventilation for hot summer days. The building’s lower level has store fronts that suit smaller businesses (Project designed in collaboration with W. T. Leung Architects)